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Post time 2019-5-16 20:42:02

I was wondering if it was possible to add attributes used to define parts, such as Name, Designer, Supplier, Class, Number, Derived from...

I found a few files in the "/Supp" directory : "PartAttribute" , "_PartListFormat" & "_BomFormat".
I have tried adding stuff in these, making sure the wording matches accross the files, then restarting ZW3D, but nothing change.

Post time 2019-5-20 09:43:19
Hi Tronel,
In general, we have two ways to add the part attributes.

For a single part, we can use the Part Attribute command.

For the components in an assembly, in the 2019 version, we released a new feature named 3D BOM. It allows us to manage components' attributes in batch.
Post time 2019-5-24 14:53:24
You can use the Part Attribute command for a single part.
Post time 2019-5-25 05:13:16
All parts have part attributes by default.
You can import/export User attributes templates any time. E.g. project by project to reduce data import.
You can also set attributes in configurations .
Edited by tronel3790 at 2019-6-14 00:50

So, I have tried the Part attribute command and it seems to do nothing.
Here I try to add a new standard attribute

But there, its nowhere to be found.

The only thing I have found in configuration is an option to set a template files for attribute (Bundle.Z3 by default). The thing is I have no Idea how to edit templates. I don't know how to add new standard attributes, I don't even know how to edit my added materials names and volumetric mass, and oh god knows there are many typos I wished to fix...

Just to be clear, I am absolutly not in the situation where I want to inform a specific attribute to a specific part. I want to add attribute to the software, so I can fill them quickly from the files main history tab (second screenshot). And with full functionality in BOM tables (or any other tables) to add them as new column.
As an exemple:
There is an attribute "material" where you acquaint about the material your part is made of (Steel s235, dry oak, wet oak, PA ertalon 6 SA...) each whom I manually created with their voluminal mass. (BTW it would be cool if by double clicking the cell, you could get a dropdown list of all your availlable materials)
Now I would also like to add a new attribute column called "section" where you could acquaint about structural choices like "100x100x5 pipe" "sheet thickness 8mm"...
Post time 2019-6-17 06:02:42
Hi Tronel,
when you edit a Material in the Physical Attributes you can click the Save button(floppy disc Icon) and it will update the Bundle file  - kinda.
What you need to do before you close the session is a Save All then the Bundle gets saved with the new material.
Then this material is available as a drop down item. You can only have a density value.

So re User Attributes, delete the default set by select row Delete, then make you own set in the order you want to edit them. When done, export the attribute set.
Now you can edit this is Excel add default info etc.
When happy with that.
Open your part template from File/Open/Templates and import the User Attributes then save this template.
now when you make a new part the user attributes will have your custom default values etc.
It is mostly doable... just need to know how.
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