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Post time 2010-12-28 21:54:02


If there is any way to access database in ZWCAD 2010?
Post time 2010-12-29 00:54:37

Dear sathiyanathan,

ZWCAD could not access database directly, but you can do it by developing some secondary programs to access.

For more info and learing, please refer to ZWCAD menu Help->Developer Help. Thanks!
Post time 2010-12-30 05:49:51

looking for a lisp programmer

I couldn't find any secondary programs in ZWCAD Help menu.You got any idea about secondary program or examples programs for database connectivity as you told sir?

Post time 2010-12-31 00:17:56
Dear sir,

I'm sorry maybe I have misunderstood your meaning last time, so I want to clarify that, when you say database, do you mean the database of ZWCAD(including the information of objects and layers) , or those common database like SQL and Oracle?

Post time 2010-12-31 07:27:34

DataBase Access

Sorry for confusion. Yes common database like SQL Server.I need access SQL Server through Zwcad Program

Post time 2011-1-3 20:06:55
Then I'm sorry that currently  ZWCAD don't support the connection with such kind of Database.

May I know why do you need this? Is it very important for you?

Thanks and happy new year!
Post time 2011-1-4 02:18:13

Which function you need most

Yes it is important for me.
By default we have dimensions in database which are use to draw entity in ZWCAD.(i mean based on the dimension that i have in my database, i need to draw in zwcad)

Post time 2011-1-4 23:55:37

I see, but I want to know more that how can you apply the dimension value to the entity in ZWCAD? Because in ZWCAD 2010, there is no parametric tools to control dimensions, so you still need to make objects precisely when creating and then give them dimensions .

So I suppose, are you just import the data from database for reference when you are drawing? Or can you explain to me how you do it? Very thanks for your information!
Post time 2011-1-12 04:13:41

#d views and USC orientation are reversed

Don't beating around the bush...
I wanted to connect  database in ZWCAD 2010 give the solution

Post time 2011-1-12 19:03:25
Since ZWCAD don't support to connect to database, so I asked the questions above, and hope we can find some way around to help your work, instead of using database directly.
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