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Post time 2011-3-26 09:52:38
Please tell me how to convert .dwg file to .plt file from autocad or zwcad, we have lot of drawings for print but when we go for batch plot it ask for .plt file.
Post time 2011-3-27 20:01:59

dwg file to .plt file

Use PLOT command, select any plotter you like, and check the option of "Plot to file", then press OK to plot and you will get the plt file.

Steps to convert dwg to plt:
1. Open dwg file in CAD, such as AutoCAD or ZWCAD.
2. Run command PLOT to open the plot dialog box, choose plotter, and then check on the options "Plot to file". 3. Click OK button and it will pop out a dialog box and asking where to save the plt file.

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Download ZWCAD+ to plot dwg to plt file from here:
Post time 2011-7-22 04:06:54

Dimensioning 3D solids in layout viewports.

[QUOTE=parveenkumar]we have lot of drawings for print but when we go for batch plot it ask for .plt file please tell me how to convert .dwg file to .plt file.

The best solution for you is to use a program called Normica View Pro from The can easily convert all types of files.
Post time 2011-8-9 02:07:47

dwg file to .plt file

In order to convert dwg file to .plt file, try DWG to PLT Converter (DWG2HPGL), it can be used to batch convert DWG to PLT and HPGL files and other scalable  graphics formats, such as PDF, WMF, SVG, Postscript (EPS), HPGL, etc. formats, and all the saving DWG to PLT and converting DWG to PLT tasks will be accomplished quick and easily.
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