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Post time 2011-10-3 03:45:50
I find the bug in work of LAYISO command in ZWCAD 2010.

1. Draw elements on three different layers

2. Lock one layer (for example "Layer1"). Use lock sign for that

3. Select some elements in the Model Space and at least one from  "layer1" should be selected too

4. Use LAYISO command.

Layer1 will be switched off but should not.vlad_simple2011-10-03 03:46:21
Post time 2011-10-12 07:28:39

Profiles problem

As usual. To fix bugs user should pay.

Zwsoft support policy ....
Post time 2011-10-20 02:53:26

layiso in ZWCAD 2010

hi vlad_simple, thank you for your feedback, ZWCAD is made to be better because of customer's feedback.

I tested and it is a problem of ZWCAD, the problem ID is T4423, you can get the latest information of this problem by inquiring with this ID and no need to describe it again.

The latest version is ZWCAD 2012, if this problem is solved before next version release, you can keep using ZWCAD 2012 (updated version) with this problem settled. Jenny2011-10-20 03:12:16
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