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Post time 2012-7-23 17:52:20


Pse excuse crossposting but getting no response in Beginners, and I'm stuck ......

Just setting out in zwcad 2011 3d. Can't get any of the solidedit tools to do anything to a simple box solid, other than change face colour. What am I missing?

Post time 2012-7-23 17:54:18
Your Drawing1.dwg example has no deletable faces. ZWcad solids are fully enclosed volumes and, if you were to delete a face, it would not be fully enclosed.

If you want to elimnate the arc on the top use Solidedit-Body-cLean.

If you want an open "shoebox" type solid then SolidEdit-Body-Shell and when propted to remove face select the face that would be open.* Enter a wall thickness. This will create an enclosed volume by evacuating the middle up to the wall thickness.

* If an edge is selected it will include every face that shares that edge. You may have to re-add a face if it is to remain a closed portion.
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