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Post time 2012-7-26 10:52:43
How to edit aliases in autocad or ZWCAD+ by editing pgp file directly? ZWCAD+ 2012 doesn't support to customize aliases, we can customize alias by editing the .pgp file directly.

ZWCAD+ 2012 version: VerNum= 2012.07.16 or 2012.7=07.23

1. There is no aliases customize in "customize" function
2. Aliases customize can be done via modifying the .pgp file
    a. run "options" command
    b. get the path of which .pgp file is stored

Aliases file path cad

Aliases file path cad

    c. Find out the .pgp file with the above path and open it, eg., modify the alias of circle "c" to "ctest", then save the file
    d. go back to ZWCAD+, run "Reinit" command, and click yes to reload the .pgp file

    run "ctest", it works as "circle "
Post time 2012-7-26 15:03:33
Great tips, thanks for sharing!

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Post time 2012-8-8 15:01:17
How can I have several profile sets? Can I copy and paste these files between diferent machines running Windows?
Post time 2012-8-14 14:37:28
Also you can apply your customized commands or shortcuts in ZWCAD2012 to ZWCAD+ by replacing the PGP file in ZWCAD+ with the one from ZWCAD2012.
Post time 2013-9-12 17:17:18
how to edit alias in autocad? how to change autocad aliases?
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