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Post time 2012-7-27 15:38:50
How to use stb plot styles in ZWCAD+? Here is you can find ZWCAD+ and autocad stb tutorial.

Please note that, STB is supported by ZWCAD+ since version "2012.07.26(4366)", you can download the latest version of ZWCAD+ from here:

1. STB can be assigned on layer and entities

2. Set the plot style to STB (this setting will work on next new-created drawing )
Type in "options" command, select Plot

3. Create a new drawing, type in "plot", you can see .STB in plot style

4. STB on layer
Open layer manager, click "Normal", and assign a STB style for layer, e.g layer 0
STB on layer.jpg

edit the style, e.g:
STB on layer_edit.jpg

Draw a line on layer 0, and plot it, in plot preview, you can see its color is yellow

5. STB on entities
Assign STB entities via the properties palette
STB on entity.jpg

Post time 2012-7-27 16:14:32
ZWCAD+ version: 2012.07.26(4366)

I don't see this version in download center.
Post time 2012-7-27 17:10:40
Hi gruzin,

This version "2012.07.26(4366)" is a temporary solution for some bugs, it hasn't been through a complete test. so it is not released in public officially.

I have sent it to you via PM, hope it could help. :-D

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Find the latest version of ZWCAD+:
Post time 2012-7-31 16:03:23
Good tips:)
ZWSOFT has updated the latest version on website.
Post time 2012-8-2 11:06:11
Thanks for SHARING. this could become a place that everyone searches tips and solutions over here.
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