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Post time 2012-8-22 05:27:00
I do a lot of automation for AutoCad using Visual LiSP and VB.Net.
Does ZWCAD have a Visual LiSP editor (I cannot seem to find it) or do I have to use a third party text editor?
Does ZWCAD interface with VB.Net?  I cannot find any help on this subject.

Post time 2012-8-22 10:01:30
Reply 1# MarkG

   Hi Mark,

    1.ZWCAD does not have a build-in lisp editor, so you may have to find a third-party one.
    2.If you want to use .net, you can only connect to the COM interface of ZWCAD. If you are using ZWCAD, you should add this file to reference: z.JPG , and if you are using ZWCAD+, you should add p1.JPG and p2.JPG
Post time 2012-8-23 01:48:56
Hello Peimen8012,
When you say add these files to the referemnce, is that similar to adding acdbmgd.dll and acmgd.dll to the reference for AutoCad?
Is there anything else I need to do?  What command do I use to launch the program?  Sorry if these questions sound dumb, but I'm new to .Net and very new to ZWCAD.

Post time 2012-8-27 16:16:16
test.rar (122.51 KB, Downloads: 1049)
Post time 2012-9-18 15:05:52
Hi  Arphone,

Can you show an example how to check if Zw+ is active?
Also how to get point and other interaction with user?

And last question: what with C#? Can we also use it by COM?

I greet (249.42 KB, Downloads: 822)
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