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zwcad touch

zwcad touch


ZWCAD Touch is a mobile CAD App for iOS devices, which can be deployed in any mobile device (including iPhone, iPad and iPod) with iOS 4.3 or above system. ZWCAD Touch helps users to store, view and edit drawings, and use iTunes or net disks to conveniently synchronize or share files. With ZWCAD Touch, users can directly open DWG files, use multi-touch technology to view drawings, and make simple editing and annotating. It’s especially useful for viewing drawings outdoor (e.g. building sites, workshop or field), or present your design to your clients/partners at any time anywhere.

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Features and Highlights



ØLocal File Management

ZWCAD Touch supports both local file storage and management. After launching ZWCADTouch, you will see the file folder list with Local Drawings and SampleDrawings folder. Files in Sample Drawings are provided by ZWSOFT for usersto try ZWCAD Touch and cannot be saved. Local Drawings is used for storinguser’s own local files.

There are two ways to put drawings in to Local Drawings folder:

1.Synchronize files in iTunes whenconnected to a PC or Mac.

2.Click DWG files in other Apps (likeemail attachment or net disk), and select “Open with” ZWCAD Touch, then it willlaunch ZWCAD Touch and put the file into Local Drawings folder.

Files in Local Drawings are only saved in current device, without any data on thecloud/Internet.

ØCloud Storage Management

One big highlight of ZWCAD Touch is the integration with many popular cloud disks,so you can view, edit and save your online DWG files directly in ZWCAD Touch thatkeep your design data as most-updated in real time, and avoid the inconvenienceof using USB to transmit files.

You can use the “Add Services” function to set up a cloud disk service. You canchoose Dropbox or Kingsoft LiveSpace as cloud storage service provider, andgive it a name to create. Then there will be a new cloud folder in the folderlist (Cloud Folders section) with the name of cloud service you just created.Click the folder to enter. If it’s the first time, you will be asked to inputyour username and password for this service. Then you will get into the folderand auto-sync all the DWG files in the corresponding folder in that cloud disk.(for example: Dropbox will create a new folder named “ios ZWCAD Touch” in “App”folder for you to put your drawings.)

You can add multiple cloud services to manage drawing data in different location,and all of them will be listed in the folder list. Sliding your finger on cloudfolder name will show a “Delete” button at the end, tap the button to deletethis service (will not delete the files inside).

Files in the remote folder will be downloaded to local files, and keep updating withthe cloud data.

ØFile (Folder) Operations

ZWCADTouch Support creating and deleting folders, and copying, moving and deletingfiles.

Enter Local Drawings or any cloud folder, then you can tap the first button below tocreate new folders, or tap the middle button to copy and move one or more files(not folders), or tap the third button to delete one or more files (includingfolders).


ZWCAD Touch supports to import TTF and SHX font files to display corresponding textin drawings. You can import fonts by iTunes or cloud service into ZWCAD Touch,and put them in the same folder as the drawings, or put them together intoFonts folder, which is provided by ZWCAD Touch (by coping or moving functiondescribed above).

If you didn’t import any fonts, ZWCAD Touch will use“Ic-simplex.shx” as default, which might cause some multi-language textsdisplay as question marks.
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ØView Drawing

²Drawing Details

Browse into any folder to view the file list inside. You can see drawing thumbnail(you must save the drawing in ZWCAD Touch at least once to see the thumbnail,or it only shows a DWG file icon), file name, last edited time and file size. InLocal Drawings folder, you can slide you finger left or right on the file name,then it will display the “Delete” button for you to delete this file. In remotefolder, you can click the triangle button on the right side of the file to seeit’s detail information, and do operations like Open, Save as, Rename orDelete. Files in Sample Drawings cannot be deleted.

²View Drawing

In any folder, you can click the file to open the drawing, and enter the drawingenvironment. The drawing area’s background are defaulted as black (cannot bechanged), with a toolbar at the bottom of it. Use one finger to slide in thedrawing area to PAN the drawing, and use two fingers to pinch or stretch toZOOM IN/OUT the drawing.

There is a Zoom to Extent and Full Screen button at the top-rightcorner of the drawing area. The Full Screen button will hide the System Notification Bar, Top Menu Bar and Bottom Toolbar, and display the drawing areaonly for a better view. You can PAN and ZOOM in Full Screen mode, and tap anywhereto exit.

ØDraw and Modify

The Bottom Toolbar provides some useful drawing, editing and annotating tools.

²Create Objects

Tap the first “Brush” icon to pop up the “Draw” submenu, in which you can drawCircle, Line, Polyline, Arc, Rectangle and Text, as well as Area and LengthMeasurement.

Tap the second “Annotation” icon to pop up the “Annotate” submenu, in which you cancreate rectangle, revision cloud, text and free sketch.

²Modify Objects

Tap any object in drawing to select it and pop up the “Modify” submenu, in whichyou can Move, Copy, Scale, Delete, Mirror, Align and Deselect the object. Ifthe selected object is a text, you can also edit the text (Only single-linetext is supported to be edited, not multi-line text).

²Select Objects

Tap any object to select it and continue tapping to select multiple objects. Itshows the dash outline of all selected objects.

Hold your finger on any blank area for a second and drag move to select multipleobject. Drag from left to right for Window Selection (blue background), whichonly selects objects that totally inside the selecting window; Drag from rightto left for Cross Selection (green background), which selects everything thatit touches.


In the process of drawing or editing, when a point needed to be specified, you cando simple snap to some specific point. Such as when creating line, you need tospecify the start point. Now you can hold your finger at any place for onesecond to display the Magnifier, in which you can see the area that is blockedby your finger in larger scale. There will also be a golden cross in themagnifier stands for the exact position of your finger. Move your finger toapproach some special points (like end point or middle point of a line), youwill see the cross becomes an aperture for snapping. Now release your finger tofinish. (Even without magnifier showing up, you can also snap directly. When your finger comes near some special point, it will show a yellow dash circlearound you finger, then release your finger to snap )


Before creating objects, you can tap the last “Palette” button to pop up the colorselection menu. Slide left and right to browse these 27 internal colors and tapselect. Then latter created objects will be in that color.

This color setting can also change the current objects’ color. Just select theobjects you want to modify, and tap the “Palette” button and select the coloryou want.

²Undo& Redo

ZWCAD Touch supports unlimited undo and redo function, as the fourth and fifth buttonshowed in the Bottom Toolbar. They will only be available when there isoperation to undo or redo, otherwise they will be grayed, means nothing toundo/redo.

You can also use Undo button to cancel the current operation during a command.

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Tap any layer to turn it on and off, with real time effect shown in drawing area.You can still PAN and ZOOM in drawing area with layer list open. Tap thetoolbar layer button again or anywhere in the drawing area to close the layerlist.

ZWCAD Touch supports to switch between Model and Layout space. Tap the sixth “Layout”button in the Bottom Toolbar to pop up the selection list of model and layouts,slide your finger up and down to select, and release to switch. You can alsoPAN and ZOOM in drawing area with layout list open. Tap the toolbar layoutbutton again or anywhere in the drawing area to close the layout list.


After viewing or editing, you can click the SaveButton at the top-left corner to save the file, or choose to save as other filenames (new file will be created) in the current folder.

Click the Exit Button at the top-leftcorner to close the current file and exit to the file list. If there areunsaved changes when exiting, ZWCAD Touch will ask if you want to exit withoutsave, or save before exit, in order to keep user’s data safe.

Download the latest ZWCAD Touch
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Thank you for your sharing! Your information is useful to me and many people are looking for them like me! The problem seems simple, but through your pen, it impresses me!

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