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Post time 2013-5-29 17:53:46
I have had a small exposure to using a Standard file and would like more information on how to use AutoCAD drawing standards file. How to use dws file?Can anyone tell me how to get more information?
Post time 2013-5-29 17:54:35
DWS (DraWing Standard) is the file extension of template files for the standards checks. It is used in the drawing standards functions. You can create a DWS file using the Save As command.
Post time 2013-10-25 18:30:29
The DWS file should be handled with great care.If there are some templates associated with that please have a check.
Post time 2015-8-10 04:59:50

RE: How to use AutoCAD drawing standards file (.dws format)?

what happened with the DWS file in zwcad 2015? there is no possiblity to save a DWS in this version!?!
Post time 2015-8-13 15:33:13
Hi, Jenny, there is no possibility to save a DWS file in ZWCAD 2015, in case you did not notice it.
So your recommendation is not true. zwcad does not offer, in the command "saveas" any DWS file format!
zwcad has in this moment NO dws support.
Post time 2019-2-7 14:32:43
Edited by Joseph74623 at 2019-2-7 18:54

All AutoCAD professionals have to deal with standards. But when a drawing is worked on by multiple people and revised over months or even years, standards can deteriorate quickly.

Post time 2019-2-21 18:14:19
Edited by 3drenderingfirm at 2019-2-21 18:17

Try to modularize your drawing.Its better to give details of complex connector cutout etc on separate detail on same page,which must be referenced in details table also.

interior rendering

Post time 2019-5-24 14:55:42
I couldn't figure out how to use it.
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