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Post time 2013-6-24 14:57:15

How to create new drawing

As many users have discovered that, you can’t create new drawing directly in ZWCAD Touch. We didn't provide this feature because we thought currently, mobile CAD app is more likely to be used as a viewer and editor. Since the limitation of hardware(and app itself), it’s too hard to make new drafts completely on mobile. Can you imagine creating lines and sketches with your clumsy finger on such a tiny screen  Even on a full-sized iPad, it’s still inefficient.

Even so, there are still a small amount of users that requires to have this feature to create new drawings in ZWCAD Touch. Maybe only used for some simple drafting and recording  Anyway, even if there is not such feature available yet, I will share a small tip to solve this requirement for everyone temporarily, and easily as well.

The trick is to use the “SAVE AS” feature in ZWCAD Touch. Firstly, use ZWCAD+ on PC to create a blank drawing, which has nothing inside, and save it with any name you want (I suggest “New Drawing”). Then transfer this blank “New Drawing” to ZWCAD Touch via any method you used to: using cable line and iTunes, or any kind of cloud storage (Such as Dropbox or Google Drive).

Then I think you can guess how it works. Every time you want to create a new drawing in ZWCAD Touch, just open this blank drawing, and do your sketches. After finishing, SAVE IT AS another name to any folder in ZWCAD Touch as you need. Just tap the SAVE button on the top-left corner, then you will see the SAVE AS button.


If you wish,you can even put a title block as your standard drawing template when are you creating this “New Drawing” file on PC. So you can have this template every time you use this “New Drawing” on mobile in ZWCAD Touch. Just like creating new files using DWT template files on PC with ZWCAD+.


At last, as a friendly reminder, every time you use this new drawing, DO remember to SAVE AS toanother name/place the at the first time, or you may mess it up and ruined the original blank file.

Download the latest ZWCAD+ for PC:

ZWCAD Touch V1.2.0 Release! Support ZWCAD+ 2014 new features SmartVoice!
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