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Post time 2013-11-18 14:25:17
Could someone tell me how to make a viewport in auaotcad or ZWCAD? How can I use autocad create viewport? I finished my drawing and want to make some windows to show some specific parts of my drawing. I was told that a viewport in layout could work, but how to make a viewport in layout? I want to make some special size of viewports that in special shape. Thanks in advance.
Post time 2013-11-18 14:41:08
Generally, here are the steps about how to make a viewport in AutoCAD:

Step 1: Click one of the layout tab to switch to layout space.

Step 2: Type command MVIEW in the command line.

If you want to make a rectangle viewport, just click one point in paper space and then click the second point, a rectangle viewport is finished.

If you don't want to make a rectangle shape of viewport, but a special shape. Input P (means Polygon) option after typing MVIEW command, then draw any shape you want. You can also turn a existing shape into a viewport, Input O (means Object) options after typing MVIEW command, then select the existing object and enter.

Step 3:  After a viewport is created, it will show all object from model space. You could double click within the viewport, pan and zoom to show the special part of your drawing, then click a position outside the viewport to stop editing the view.
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