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Post time 2013-12-9 12:32:40
There is a ExportLayout command within AutoCAD. However there is none in ZWCAD+.

In AutoCAD environment:

a) External reference are widely use to overlay layout plan.

b) Details, sections, elevation are created as and when required.

c) Switching to paper space, insert title block, create MView, scale accordingly, and final sheets are produce.


a) Creates a visual representation of the current layout in the model space of a new drawing.


1) Exported objects are duplicated visually in the new drawing and, as a result, they might be trimmed, scaled, copied, or exploded.

2) The Export Layout To Model Space Drawing dialog box is displayed.

3) Select the location and file name for the new exported drawing. All drawings are exported as Drawing (*.dwg).

4) Note that the EXPORTLAYOUT command is only available in a layout. The command is not available from the Model tab, while in the block editor, during reference editing, or while using a maximized viewport.

I would like to achieve the similar result with ZWCAD+ or otherwise.

Please advise.

Post time 2014-1-2 10:39:21
ExportLayout.zrx (49 KB, Downloads: 336)
Post time 2019-5-2 20:01:32
pmf_zwcad replied at 2014-1-2 10:39
Happy new year! I make this program to add ExportLayout command to ZWCAD+. Please check if it works ...

Dear pmf_zwcad, do you have this app working on 64bit version of ZWCAD? The one you uploaded is ony for 32bit version.
Post time 2019-5-6 10:29:31
KPPMA replied at 2019-5-2 20:01
Dear pmf_zwcad, do you have this app working on 64bit version of ZWCAD? The one you uploaded is on ...

Hey Guy, which verison you are using now?
Post time 2019-5-6 16:40:31
Zwsoft-Victor replied at 2019-5-6 10:29
Hey Guy, which verison you are using now?

ZWcad 2018 64bit
Post time 2019-5-14 13:56:32

Hello~Please try this one ToolBox2018_Win64.zrx (97.5 KB, Downloads: 6)
Post time 2019-5-15 14:28:10
Unfortunately, the Toll does not work properly
Once it does not work again
Post time 2019-5-17 00:44:45
Zwsoft-Victor replied at 2019-5-14 13:56
Hello~Please try this one , it's for ZWCAD2018 64bit version

As @Heinz said - its not working :(

Once, stangely it exported the whole model space and layout structure (with no real layouts placed)... Another time it didnt export anything.
Post time 2019-5-17 01:29:58
Edited by Heinz at 2019-5-17 01:49

To be right is useless.

Post time 2019-5-17 03:59:11
Edited by CAD_specialist at 2019-5-17 04:10

You can use BricsCAD for this layout export. I just checked this - you have a command "layout export" in that software... ... 606614-ExportLayout

even if bricscad has a less "elegant" user interface, it seems to be much more further developed than zwcad. Zwcad also made some improvements too, but they seem not to cach up with bricscad. I am testing both softwares (and some other more) in paralel.

Another solution would be to use the PDF publisher of zwcad, then the PDF to DWG converter of zwcad.
You find them in zwcad 2019 here:
File > Publish (you choose "Publish to... PDF") and include layer information (in "Publish options" submenu)
Insert > PDF import (again, you can choose a lot of things there to fine-tune the import from PDF back to DWG.

All this sounds fine, but if you test such an import, you will observe that you don't get the ORIGINAL drawing elements, but just some lines that look the same:
- circles become a kind of circular polylines
- dimensions are not dimensions anymore (just text, lines, and pieces of arrows)
- etc.

The pdf import is quite improved, and very useful if one does have ONLY a pdf as base.
Of course, if you would like to export a Layout, this pdf intermediary makes you loose a lot of vectorial information that you have in your drawing...

There are some other tools that import PDF into DWG (or rather translate between the two formats), which I did not test.
This one costs some 100$ to buy, so not quite cheap...:

Post time 2019-5-17 04:20:45
you could also try to export the wished layout to DWF or DWFx, from zwcad, and then import the dwf back to zwcad.
I just tried this for 2 min., but I did not understand what happens. I get a kind of block in the dwg, after I import the dwf(x) file into it.
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