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Question: How to import the JPG images to the CAD Software.
Answer: The methods are as follows:
1. Copy and paste the images directly.
2. Change the image into the CAD formate. There are two methods which you can choose.
A. Use the Adobe Streamline software switch the bitmap pixel to the AI line file directly and then open the AI file with Illustrator software. The last step is to convert it to the DXF or DWG file.
B. Open the pixel bits with Illustrator software diagram directly. The steps are as follows:
1.Open the picture in the Illustrator.
2.Press the "V" shortcut key to start the selection function.Then specify the images.
3.Click and open the small triangle beside the "Real-time Scan Copy" option under the property ribbon. You can find the property ribbon in the menu ribbon at the top of the window. Then, select the "Detailed Illustrations" in the option tab.
4.Click the Extension button in the property ribbon. At this time, the sideline in the middle of the two different color in the image will change into line.
5.Select the Export option under the File menu and specify the exported file type as DWG file or DXF file. Then click the Save. Now there will pop-up the “DWG/DXF Option” dialog box. You can specify the CAD version, color number, grid file format, etc in the dialog. Certainly, you can ignore it if you don’t need to modify those default value. Click the OK to enter into the next step.
6.Enter into the step of modifying the line.
3. Use the following command.
  Imageattach & Enter.
     Search path and pictures and specify the position of the referential point when you import them. You can check the default value at the lower-left corner of the image. Then specify the proportion of the scale and ENTER.
Tip:As the ACAD is a kind of vector drawing software while the JPG format is a bitmap, you can not use the ACAD to edit the content in the image directly.
4. Insert>OLE Object>Picture.
5. Find the wintipo software on the Internet and use that software to import the JPG file to the CAD.

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