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Post time 2015-5-25 13:25:06

Not sure if the image attachment engine worked here, but I have 2011 and am looking to print a set of layouts within a dwg to a pdf printer (cutepdf) using the publish feature, such that I can produce a single, multi page pdf file

However, no sheets ever get sent to the printer….

I wonder what I have missed….?
Post time 2015-6-9 15:54:44
Didn't realise you were still there…


I have 2011…

any chance of that publishing to a multi page pdf file….?

(I also have 2012, can't remember what went wrong, but think my failure to advance was connected to windows XP i.e.. 32 bit..)
Post time 2015-6-9 16:08:12
Think about modern ZWCAD+ 2015 SP 2.1. One is much better and faster.
Post time 2015-6-9 18:12:52
Reply 5# msbud7705

    I imagine it is.. but does it run on a 32 bit operating system…..?
Post time 2015-6-9 19:17:20
Yes, It works f.e. with WinXP (32bit) and Win7/8 (32/64bit) I recommend this version (2015+ SP2.1).
Post time 2015-6-10 11:31:41
Reply 7# msbud7705

While no one has explicitly said it, I take it that the bottom line is: zwcad 2011 is unable to print to a multi page pdf file…
Post time 2016-6-27 16:11:22
Just in case there is anyone out there…..
I am still trying to crack this….

I have recently upgraded to ZWCAD Classic, which I take to be current.. but I still don't find the publish to pdf option available to me…. I am only able to publish to printer or DWF, as shown in the attached image…

Does anyone know how to get this one over the line…..?

screen.pdf (54.16 KB, Downloads: 218)
Post time 2016-6-28 15:59:33
2017 to the

2017 kann das
Post time 2018-2-15 00:10:27
Reply 7# studoc


I have the same problem. I can't print my elec schematics to a single PDF file.

I am guessing that this just does not work and it will be a major issue for me..
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