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Post time 2015-7-21 01:33:09
Post Last Edit by horia2430 at 2015-8-20 20:00

using zwcad+ 2015 pro:

sometimes the panning with the mouse does not function. I have to pan with the "PAN" command.
after some zooming around, and regen commands, the panning works again.
I cannot understand why this is happening, and it is quite disturbing when working, as the panning by pressing the mouse wheel is the most basic operation one does when drawing.

the MBUTTONPAN variable was of course set to 1.

VERNUM = "2014.11.27(26199)"
(interesting enough, the zwcad is called 2015, but the vernum is 2014!!!   )
Post time 2015-7-22 01:57:06

Vernum="YYYY.MM.DD(abcde)" YYYY-year, MM - month, DD- Day abcde-no. of version
Post time 2015-7-24 18:45:37
thank you, Jenny!

I would like to add an important detail:

* I work on a big drawing that is 2d, plans of an apartment building, drawn in different versions of zwcad and other cad-software. There are just lines, circles, etc., no dynamic blocks or 3d-walls or anything complicated inside.

* usually, panning with the mouse button works well

* from time to time, the zwcad 2015 stops letting me pan with the mouse button

* I close the drawing, restart zwcad, and sometimes even this does not help

* this situation happened in zwcad 2015 (version oct. 2014) AND also after the newest update (SP1 from 2015)

* I could not find a pattern in this erratic behaviour, to say, that: "definitely, it happens in this or that case..."
Post time 2015-8-10 05:48:40
Post Last Edit by horia2430 at 2015-8-11 00:45

dear Jenny,
here is my feedback:
the above described problem with panning and zooming happens in new drawings, that are almost empty, created with zwcad 2015 (last update). I attach an example. Drawing (20.79 KB, Downloads: 549)
Post time 2015-8-16 07:51:47
Post Last Edit by horia2430 at 2015-8-16 08:08

Post Last Edit by horia2430 at 2015-8-16 08:07

Today, I experienced again the problems with "pan with mouse middle button does not work".
I did the following, to check the causes:

1) I created a new drawing, with a line and a circle
2) I started a video recording to show what happens on screen (See video here)

as you can see in the video, all my moves of the cursor/mouse are movings that try to PAN. But some of the moves are producing the pan (the little hand appears on the screen), and some moves do NOT produce the pan.
I cannot understand what it is happening, but it happens like this:

1) I push the middle button to pan
* sometimes nothing happens on screen, the little hand does not appear
* sometimes the little pan-hand appears for a fraction of a second, but disappears again
* sometimes the pan-hand appears and stays there
2) when I start to move the mouse, there are also several effects:
- sometimes nothing happens
- sometimes the pan-hand appears all of a sudden but dissapears again (permitting to pan a very short moment)
- sometimes the pan-hand appears and stays there persistently for some few seconds, in which I can do the pan moving (as it should), and then it disappears again
- sometimes the pan-hand is always there so I can do the pan as it should normally be.

I also tried to disable various drafting settings (polar tracking, object snap tracking, ortho, osnap, egc.) but it did not make the difference.

So it happens very erratically, and not always (sometimes I can draw, sometimes it disturbs totally the drafting process!).

Please give this to the developers, they should find a solution for it, as this is a very BASIC thing, that needs to work well, because everybody uses it permanently!
Post time 2015-8-20 20:02:23
the problem is solved!
I discovered that the mouse was the problem, not the software.
starting to use the new zwcad 2015 coincided unfortunately with the mouse problems.
I use a 6 month old Anker Gaming Mouse (very good quality but obviously prone to defects!).
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