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[ZWCAD] doslib.zrx

Post time 2017-2-5 23:07:01
A question I still have the "doslib.zrx" which also does not really how it should?  
Post time 2017-2-6 14:56:57
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Reply 1# Dober

   Hi Dober,   There is a part of doslib functions integrated in ZWCAD 2017, as you can see in the help document:
    2017-02-06_14-55-34.png    As for the doslib.zrx you have, could you please tell us how did you get it? Thank you.
Post time 2017-2-6 15:41:38
Post time 2017-2-9 14:40:06
Reply 3# Dober

   Hi Dober,   We have provided a little part of doslib functions. Could you please tell us which doslib functions you would like to use? Thanks.
Post time 2017-2-9 14:57:26
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Post Last Edit by Dober at 2017-2-9 14:58

Das wäre super

Post time 2017-9-29 09:34:47

Post time 2017-10-9 00:20:04
Reply 6# sky20319198

   ZWCAD 2018 doesn't support
Post time 2017-11-16 07:56:16
Reply  sky20319198

   ZWCAD 2018 doesn't support dos_getfilem  yet.
TECH2904 Post at 2017-10-9 00:20

  Hi all,
Is there doslib.zrx for ZWCAD  2018 ?
Post time 2017-11-20 16:28:52
Reply 8# milora7643

   There are some dos_lib functions supported in ZWCAD 2018, please check the help document for more details. snipaste_20171120_162806.png
Post time 2017-11-20 17:26:26
Post Last Edit by Dober at 2017-11-20 17:32

where can you download the new doslib?

doslib will not work in 2018 anymore

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