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Post time 2017-4-5 17:58:48
Hi everybody,Does anyone know how to load .fas and .vlx files in ZWCAD?
Post time 2017-4-6 08:52:36
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      There is a free tool named FAS&VLX Converter, and it can convert FAS/VLX to ZELX/VLS files.
      As we all know that FAS/VLX is compiled AutoLISP files in AutoCAD, and the converted ZELX/VLS is the corresponding format files in ZWCAD.
        If you are using ZWCAD, you can use this tool to convert your FAS/VLX files to ZELX/VLS files, the compiled AutoLISP files in ZWCAD, and then load them in ZWCAD to run. And because it is compiled, so it will be fast and safe to use ZELX/VLS files when you run in ZWCAD and share them with someone else.
        You just add the FAS/VLX files in the tool and convert, then you can directly load the converted files in ZWCAD and run.
        Here is how the tool looks like:

Select File: Select a FAS/VLX file and add it in the Selected File List
Select Folder: Select a folder containing multiple FAS/VLX files and add them in the Selected File List
Delete File: Clear selected files in Selected File List
Clear All: Clear all files in Selected File List
Import List: Add a list file (.fcl) of FAS/VLX files
Export List: Export all the Files in Selected File List to a list file (.fcl)
Convert Select: Start to convert selected files in Selected File List
Convert All: Start to convert all files in Selected File List
Original Directory: If you tick this option, then the converted files will be saved in the same path of FAS/VLX files
Browse: Select a path to save the converted files
Log: Record the converting information, including the date and time, convert type, result and absolute path of original files.

You can download the tool from here: (191.78 KB, Downloads: 956)
Post time 2017-5-16 17:55:55
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Reply 2# cottas62941

Download the converter here:
Post time 2017-9-6 18:10:35
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Hi all!
Can you add to this utility CLI function, please?
I have big need to convert "on the fly" like
convert.exe c:\lisp.fas c:\lisp.zelx
Post time 2018-1-30 03:25:45

is there any way to get this EXE in DOS command line ?
something like:

c:>LispConverter.exe file1 file2

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