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Post time 2017-4-10 11:49:10
Important features still missing.

Some fundamental features missing:- (Cant use this version effectively due to this)

1. POINT FILTERS (dont know why this is not there. It was there since ages)
2. Design center

Other important features needed:

1.Dynamic block creation is urgently needed.
Post time 2017-4-13 15:09:33
Reply 1# sudhan4470

   Hi,    These three features are planned in ZWCAD 2018. Any update, we will let you know.
   Thank you!
Post time 2017-10-15 02:00:55
Reply 2# withje8478

just installed 2018pro and updated do SP1 and coordinate filters (.x/.y/.z and so on) still does not works!
It's unbelievable, I've upgraded from 2012+pro where this ancient feature works perfectly.
I think that this sincerely is a big fault of who's responsable for software engeneering.
Please take some quick action to fix it; it's a must-have feature.
Post time 2017-10-16 18:26:54
updated do SP1  ?????

What do you have for a VERNUM

SP1 2018 is not yet available
Post time 2017-10-18 17:41:03
Reply 3# multiware

   The latest version you updated 09.14 is 2018 Update1, as for SP1, we will release in Dec, 2017. So we will push this issue to be solved in SP1. Thanks.
Post time 2017-11-1 22:57:56
Reply 3# multiware
Updated *to* SP1.
VERNUM is "2017.09.14(21730)_x64"
Post time 2017-11-1 23:01:18
Reply 4# Dober
Ok, sorry for confusing Update1 with SP1.
I'll wait for SP1 than, as I need those filters a lot.
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