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Post time 2017-6-21 21:46:23
Last Zwcad 2017, 64b.

Error when try to find some text or block attribute elements on the drawing. An error report has just been sent.
Post time 2017-6-22 08:21:57
Reply 1# goranP

   Hi,   Could you please tell us how to reproduce the issue with specific drawing? Thanks.
Post time 2017-6-23 01:47:39
Sent! And some extra characters.
Post time 2017-6-23 09:03:20
Reply 3# goranP

   Hi Goranp,    We received your mail, and also replied to you, please check.
    For this issue, we confirmed it as a bug T14295, and we will fix it as soon as possible. Thanks.
Post time 2017-7-14 16:18:02
When will the problem be solved?

This is a serious mistake and they should react quickly, but unfortunately nothing happens?
Post time 2017-7-14 17:10:44
Reply 5# Dober

   We will fix this issue next week, till then we will send a fixed version to you. Thanks.
Post time 2017-7-14 17:15:34
Thank you
Post time 2017-7-21 14:04:56
We will fix this issue next week, till then we will send a fixed version to you. Thanks.""

It's Friday and we are still waiting ???
Post time 2017-7-21 17:07:02
Reply 8# Dober


   Sorry for keep you waiting.
   We just finish the testing, and uploading the packages. Later we will send the link to your mail.
   Thanks for your support.
Post time 2017-7-21 18:07:55
Post Last Edit by withje8478 at 2017-8-9 10:19

If anyone has similar problems as issue T14295, you can send an email to, we will check it and fix. Thanks.
Post time 2017-7-24 12:17:00
Thanks now works the find command with me
Will we get an update?
Post time 2017-7-25 08:50:47
Reply 11# Dober


   You mean online update or offline update package? If so, there is no plan to release a new update for ZWCAD 2017. The last time special package is provided to fix the FIND issue, and need users to uninstall ZWCAD before and then reinstall it. Thanks.
Post time 2017-7-25 12:13:48
This means that all ZWCAD2017 users simply let the trick and the heavy bug is you completely no matter what is in 2017 dirn.

Super attitude of you but so you can not survive in the market with you can be so already but in Europe does not like that at all.
So please reset an online update.

Das heißt ihr lässt alle ZWCAD2017 Anwender einfach im Stich und der schwere Bug ist euch komplett egal was in 2017 dirn ist.

Super Eintellung von euch aber so kann man auf dem Markt nicht überleben bei euch kann das schon so  sein       aber in Europa geht so was gar nicht.
Also bitte ein Online Update reinstellen.
Post time 2018-4-9 13:20:01
I have problem with Find. When I click on Find function zwcad just freez, I can move mouse cursour around, but ZwCAD looks like paused. When press ESC, I can work with zwcad again.
When I sign into administrator account everything works fine, when sign in as user, happening this, and no matter which file I open, same bug with all *.dwg.
ZWCAD 2017 x64
Windows 10 x64 1709
Post time 2018-4-10 08:52:34
Reply 14# worksi2465

   When login as a user, try to right-click the ZWCAD icon and check the option below:
Post time 2018-4-11 13:11:06
When I did this, with FIND was everything okay. But this can only work when opening zwcad from desktop only app. I need to open files from local server and then I cant open as administrator by double clicking on dwg.

Reinstalled ZWCAD, no changes. It feels like when opening FIND it is opened, but just can see or use it.
Post time 2018-4-18 17:27:17
Reply 16# worksi2465


    When I open a dwg file stored in our network driver, the file can be opened and the find command can be used as well.     Do you mean at your side, when open a file like this, then the find command cannot be used, by inputting find command there is no response?
Post time 2018-4-19 20:52:36
zw 1.PNG
This is how it looks when I open ZWCAd As Administrator and use FIND. Everything is Ok

This is how it looks when I open ZWCAD as standart user and use FIND.
When its opened as user and trying to use FIND it looks like that "Graphic filterlocate" window is opened, but I can't see it. When I click somewhere is that little error sound that is when you click not into "Graphic filterlocate", then I press ESC and can use ZWCAD as i havent opened Graphic filterlocate.
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