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Post time 2017-8-8 18:23:33

When will ZWCAD have Auto hide when palette are docking you can only auto hide when palette is floating
If you use Properties, Design Center or Tool Palettes open then it is not much space for the drawing

auto hide.png
Post time 2017-8-9 08:28:18
Reply 1# siggisal9294


    Thanks for your feedback. We will improve this auto hide properties when docking as soon as possible in ZWCAD 2018. (ID: T14665)

Any news about ID:T14665 when it will be possible to hide docking palette
Post time 2018-4-20 08:29:33
Reply 3# siggisal9294

   Hi, this bug is still being processed.   And it may need to wait till the ZWCAD 2019 version.
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