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Post time 2017-9-6 12:52:22
This is a very small request on PageSetupManager.
But for me it's a very useful feature.
It was usable in ZWCAD2015. But it can not be used with ZWCAD2017 or ZWCAD2018.
I would like to revive the function.

Best regards,
Post time 2017-9-11 09:54:25
Reply 1# zwcad1135


   Thanks for the feedback.
   We confirmed the bug, the ID is T14915. We will improve it in the future version. Thanks.
It is a very small request, but I hope it will be realized.
Thank you

Best regards,

I tried "ZWCAD 2018 SP2 Beta (2018.02.11)".
However, there was the above bug.
It is a small request, but I hope it will be fixed.

Best regards,
Post time 2018-2-23 13:53:32
This issue is being processed, and we will fix it in SP2.
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