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Post time 2017-9-28 09:41:59
Can we have ZWCad 2017 cycle select that we used to have in ZWCAD 2015?
Post time 2017-10-9 00:25:20
Reply 1# mytat38822

   The cycle select is still the same in ZWCAD 2017 as in ZWCAD+ 2015, you can check the help document for more details.
Reply  mytat38822

   The cycle select is still the same in ZWCAD 2017 as in ZWCAD+ 2015,  ...
TECH2904 Post at 2017-10-9 00:25

   Dear Sir,
Thank you for the reply. The cycle select in ZWCAD 2017 is different from ZWCAD+2015.
In ZWCAD+2015, the mode can be invoked during a command, say, ERASE, by Shift+Spacebar, and followed by cycling through the selection with left mouse click to select the object.

In ZWCAD 2017, the about cannot be invoked during a command. You can only do the cycle selection before a command by continuing pressing the Shift+Spacebar, after which, left mouse click the object we wanted.

In the manual (2017), the Selectioncycling system variable options are mentioned as 0,1 and 2. However, if you try to enter for the option, only 0 or 1 is allowed.

Is there something that I missed?

Thank you
Post time 2017-10-22 02:46:10
Reply 1# mytat38822


   We reproduced your issue in ZWCAD 2018, the bug ID is 6075. We will fix it as soon as possible. The value 2 is duplicate so it is removed in ZWCAD 2018, but the help document hasn't been updated. We will update it later.

   Thank you.
zwcad 2017 dosn't have classic interface
Post time 2017-10-27 00:43:07
Reply 5# simvasi4828

   ZWCAD 2017 has classic interface, you can switch to that by clicking the right bottom button as follows:

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