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Post time 2017-10-9 02:50:00

I add custom Palette to ZWCAD 2018 if I resize the palette docking or floating
when I restart ZWCAD it dont remember the size of the Palette and I leve the palette floating and it was docking when I open ZWCAD
Post time 2017-10-19 13:41:57
Reply 1# siggisal9294

   Could you please provide a sample code for us to test? Thanks.

Before I add DLL file to Autoload I get this message using NETLOAD = zwpaletta_test.dll already loaded.

1. I Load the Palette I  docking the Palettee and resize , restart ZWCAD open palette with command "MY_PALETTE" palette is docking, don't remember resize
2. Next I have the Palette floating and resize , restart ZWCAD palette open Palette with command "MY_PALETTE" it is docking not floating, don't remember floating and resize

3. using Autoload do ZWCAD don't remember if the palette was open or close last time ?
zwpaletta_test.rar (14.63 KB, Downloads: 74)
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