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Post time 2017-10-23 15:47:21
I have a problem with migrate a folder of tool palettes. When I choose diferent folder I get a blank palettes. If I want to go back in original folder nothing hapend.
The ZW 2012 is working so fine.
Post time 2017-10-26 22:41:13
Reply 1# tjakasa3645

   Do you mean directly change the tool palettes file location from Option in ZWCAD 2018 as follows?
Reply 2# TECH2904

when I do that i loose all palletes
Post time 2018-4-20 21:48:28
Yes - in 2018 SP2 it is also problematical.

Anyway  Next one problem
- description:

1. You have your own XML Tool Palletes in "MyDirectory" folder
2. You have your own images of your XML Tool Palletes in "MyDirectory\MyImages" folder
3. If you import *.XML Tool Pallete into ZWCAD 2018 then will happend next problem:

Your images of your toolpalletes will be displayed correctly
- but after you restart ZWCAD - the images will be "losted" = not displayed

The SOLUTION of this is to copy "MyDirectory\MyImages" folder
into "C:\Users\....\Support\ToolPalette\Palettes\" folder

Then the images will be displayed correctly again
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