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Post time 2017-11-1 23:21:59
In ZWCAD 2018+ Update1 - VERNUM="2017.09.14(21730)_x64", I also see that it seems impossible to set a perspective view.
One of the old ways was -for example- via the projection option in orbiter context menu.
If I set such projection and save a dwg with ZWCAD+2012pro, opening it with 2018 still retain such perspective projection (you can see the 'perspective' option set to true in Views dialog).
I save that view with a name, than switch to -for example- Top view, than back to the saved one, the perspective is not restored (despite to the option that is still on).
I this a bug or am i missing something?
Post time 2017-11-12 16:39:36
Reply 1# multiware


   This is due to the projection options in 3dorbit is not supported in ZWCAD 2018. (ID T13079).
   We will improve it in the future version.
Post time 2017-11-14 04:26:40
Reply 2# TECH2904

So bad...
coordinate filters are not implemented, perspective is not implemented, ... how many other features are not implemented yet?

I have upgraded from 2012+pro, but this seems more a downgrade...

I understand that you have rewritten some -or all- code from scratch, but this isn't claimed in your announces. (or -at least- they are not so visible)

Seems to me that I've paid just to have a beta version with a gray UI...
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