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Post time 2017-11-1 23:21:59
In ZWCAD 2018+ Update1 - VERNUM="2017.09.14(21730)_x64", I also see that it seems impossible to set a perspective view.
One of the old ways was -for example- via the projection option in orbiter context menu.
If I set such projection and save a dwg with ZWCAD+2012pro, opening it with 2018 still retain such perspective projection (you can see the 'perspective' option set to true in Views dialog).
I save that view with a name, than switch to -for example- Top view, than back to the saved one, the perspective is not restored (despite to the option that is still on).
I this a bug or am i missing something?
Post time 2017-11-14 04:26:40
Reply 2# TECH2904

So bad...
coordinate filters are not implemented, perspective is not implemented, ... how many other features are not implemented yet?

I have upgraded from 2012+pro, but this seems more a downgrade...

I understand that you have rewritten some -or all- code from scratch, but this isn't claimed in your announces. (or -at least- they are not so visible)

Seems to me that I've paid just to have a beta version with a gray UI...
Post time 2017-11-12 16:39:36
Reply 1# multiware


   This is due to the projection options in 3dorbit is not supported in ZWCAD 2018. (ID T13079).
   We will improve it in the future version.
Post time 2019-7-11 00:17:45
I am testing zwcad 2019 and 2020, and it is a shame that there is NO POSSIBILITY to set a perspective view! This is a basic thing! You find it even in CAD-freeware! awful! This is a shame, ZwCAD guys!
Post time 2019-7-11 11:26:51
CAD_specialist replied at 2019-7-11 00:17
I am testing zwcad 2019 and 2020, and it is a shame that there is NO POSSIBILITY to set a perspectiv ...

Sorry about that, here are some information I want to share with you, we develope new features base on customers' feeback, we will develope the most-required features first, like the pdf import,digital signature .etc.
And all the new features are included in our develope plan but as I said we will develop them base on the degree of emergency.
Post time 2019-7-15 17:13:43
Edited by CAD_specialist at 2019-7-15 10:14

But when using zwcad2015, there was, for example, a small code that I could load (a kind of lisp routine, if I remember well, provided here in the forum by a zwcad employee) that provided the DVIEW function. It was a normal dview, including the perspective mode. Now you have dview, but without perspective mode. Why?

Secondly: the software producers CMS intellicad, as also ARES from Germany, both offer perspective views. As far as I remember, these two companies offer the base code that ZWCAD is built upon. So why do these cheaper programs offer perspective views since years (since forever!) but zwcad does not?
I know that zwcad had a dispute with Autodesk, where it was proven before court that zwcad code was partially copied from Autocad, and this is the reason of re-writing the code. But as far as 2017 (eg.), zwcad was surely based on CMS Intellicad, that HAS perspective view.
So... what is your answer about this?
thanks in advance!

PS: not to mention that all free software on the market are already offering since years perspective views, but zwcad prefers to take care of such auxiliar small gimmicks like PDF import or digital signature, ignoring such an absolutely basic feature like perspecive views!  
Post time 2019-7-15 18:01:43
And, come on! I cannot believe you, that the "most requested improvements" are... PDF import and digital signature! :)
And, curiously, the PDF import is already promoted as a main feature of v2019 and 2020, how does it come that you are still... developing it?! :)
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