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Post time 2017-11-10 17:34:25
Dear all,

I have 2 data of the same area in different time period. Now, I would like to compare this data. I would like to have colored map between this two data and create profiles and see difference between my data.
Is it possible in ZWCad? Or I need other software or version?

I will be gratefull for any information and help.
Post time 2017-11-10 19:10:31
Is that nothing for you to compare drawings.
Post time 2017-11-10 20:08:40
Reply 2# Dober

Hi Dober,
Thank You.

I have two scans (point cloud) from data "after" and "max". And I need to compare it.

The easiest way to explain what kind of profile and results I need is maybe quarry. "After" data are data after excavation and "maximum" are data where are information how much material I can still have as maximum.
I would like to know how much material is excavated and see vertical profiles (difference between "after" and "max" represented as height between this two data, because I would like to know can we dig and how much deep).

And I would like to have visualization these two data sets with colors (because I would like to see with colors how much materials is excavated).

Please see my drawing and explanation of what kind of profile I need. (sorry because drawing it is not the best, but I try to explain to You what I am looking for). With blue color is distance between "after" and "max", the distance how much I can dig. And with red color is distance how much I am too deep. With black one is distance that I would like to know and show in profiles as number [m].

And I would like to know if is this possible in ZWCad?
Post time 2017-11-13 13:10:53
Without programming this will not work in ZWCAD.
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