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Post time 2017-11-28 14:33:49
There are two ways you could use:(1) Configure VPN (Virtual Private Network)

One server needs to be configured as the VPN Server so that computers in different LANs could be in one LAN (we could call this virtual LAN), then the remote client could access the head-office, and they could just use the internal IP of the computer where the license server is installed to get floating license.

(2) Over WAN

Step1: Add the relevant contents in "LicenseFile.lic"
  • The Server is the one where ZWCAD license server is installed, and we need to do the following.
  • Open ports "2700x" and another random one for example "3598" on the router (this needs to make settings for the router as well as set the IP of the Server as the virtual server so that the remote client could access), but please make sure these two ports are not occupied by other applications.
  • The router has two IP addresses, one is internal IP, the other is external IP set by internet vendor, and this external IP is the one the remote client needs to fill in when getting the floating license.

     Modify the "LicenseFile.lic" as follows:
     SERVER this_host ANY 2700x
     VENDOR zwflex OPTIONS=zwflex.opt 3598

Step2: Make NaT setting for two ports on the router, and open the mapping port for external access in the firewall as needed.

Step3: The remote client needs to fill in the external IP of the router, like 2700x@Router External IP.
Post time 2018-1-22 13:46:00
@@@@ i like it @@@@
Post time 2018-5-22 21:46:00
zilla designs is quite a solution for you. At least you won't have the Ip issue
Post time 2019-5-17 16:46:37
Thank you, that's a very useful insight on VPN services! I'm a promoter and I have troubles managing several Instagram accounts as you know that Instagram is very suspicious to IPs. Now I can finally continue my work, considering I found a good app for fighting spam:
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