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Post time 2017-12-27 02:18:49
hi, i need a printer driver for zwcad2018 to make PDF's with the option to print without layerstructure.just like in autocad; PDF options>without layer information
You may try doPDF from or Microsoft print to PDF from OS (Windows 10).
Post time 2017-12-27 15:18:59
PDF Creator Arbeit super für mich
Post time 2018-5-3 11:11:36
Hi Guys,
I use Bullzip PDF and am normally very please with results.

How ever recently (2018 SP Beta) - the edge lines in shaded view are not printing at all.
I do not recall this being a problem previously.

Anyone figured out how to fix this?

Post time 2018-5-4 08:52:36
Reply 4# mudcrab

   Hi Paul,
   Do you mean by setting the shade view with edges on the plot result showing as the following picture 1 instead of 2?
snipaste_20180504_084742.png snipaste_20180504_084810.png snipaste_20180504_085056.png
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