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[ZWCAD] Spam posts

Post time 2018-1-22 14:07:59
Is there any forum mederator? Delete spam posts because they are messing up the forum.
Post time 2018-1-24 10:49:01
Reply 1# bartek8964

   Thanks for reminding, we have deleted those spams.
Post time 2018-2-18 01:20:57
Once again, trash in the forum.
Does anyone from Zwsoft reads this forum?!?!
Pay the man! Or woman!
Post time 2018-2-19 15:14:08
Reply 3# goranP

They are holy in China, so they have days off until Wednesday 21st February.
Post time 2018-3-3 22:08:39
And again....
And again....
ZWCAD_Support Please Delete spam posts
TU Please Delete spam posts
Post time 2018-4-12 16:44:48
Reply 8# siggisal9294

   Thanks for noticing, we have removed the spam posts.
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