March 11, 2017 – The 6th ZWSOFT Global Partner Conference, the first-largest event of its kind in Asia, drew to a successful close today. The three-day conference (March 9-11) welcomed over 200 visitors from over 32 countries.

Make ZWCAD Great Again

“The sixth GPC means we have successfully overcome 2 big challenges in the past 2 years, the one is IP dispute with Autodesk, the second is to reach break-even in 3D business, with the help of all our partners, with the efforts of ZW team members, we have not only survived, but become stronger.” Said Truman Du, CEO of ZWSOFT. “The most important thing is, we build our friendship and partnership through fighting side by side. It is the treasure in our life.”

About Global Partner Conference

ZWSOFT Global Partner Conference (GPC) is a biennial gathering of global partners to exchange insights into products and business development.

Free Talks

Professor Creed from Kyungil University in Korea shared his insights into the global construction industry and the trends of its application of technologies.

Eco Session

The Eco Session is ZWSOFT’s first attempt to build a CAD ecosystem. A total of 9 eco-partners from different industries like engineering, construction, education and 3D printing industries have showcased their solutions during the session.