• ZWSOFT Announces the Release of ZW3D 2010

    ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd, announced today at its annual ZWSOFT Partner Conference, the release of ZW3D 2010, a complete 3D CAD/CAM suite that provides ease-of-use, performance, and super-fast modeling functionality.

September was a new era for ZWSOFT and the 3D industry. With the release of ZW3D, ZWSOFT proudly announced that it has stepped into the 3D CAD/CAM industry, and is ready to embrace this new era by enhancing collaboration with its partners. ZWSOFT GLOBAL PARTNER CONFERENCE (GPC 2010) was a celebration of this momentous occasion.

The Highlights of GPC 2010:

  • • ZWSOFT R&D Roadmap!

    In-depth information about ZWSOFT R&D roadmap

  • • First Showing of ZW3D- ZWSOFT's All-in-one CAD/CAM Solution!

    Experience first-hand the exciting, new 3D Technology in CAD/CAM industry.

  • • Get Face-to-Face communication with ZWSOFT Managers and Partners!

    Hold crucial discussions with ZWSOFT managers and other worldwide partners.

  • ZWCAD Partner Award 2009-2010

    Top Awards were given to appreciate partners’ contribution to ZWCAD business.

  • • Have Fun in Guangzhou, China!

    During the spectacular four-day conference in the vibrant Guangzhou city, the guests have enjoyed lots of new dining, sight-seeing and shopping adventures...

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