ZW3D CAD Tips ( Modeling —— When defining Base, Boss and Cut features)

\Try to define base, boss and cut features so that they represent the final shape of your part as much as possible. Doing so will minimize the number of additional features required and will help minimize model and database size and complexity. 

For reference, base, boss and cut features can be created during the Extrude Shape, Revolve Shape, Sweep Shape and Loft Shape commands by selecting the Base, Boss (i.e., Add material) and Cut (i.e., Remove material) icons located at the top of the Required Inputs section of the Command Option Forms.


  • Base, Add, Remove, Intersect
    The Add, Remove and Intersect options are similar to the Combine Shapes command.


\ Base
Base features are used to define the initial basic shape of a part.  The Base method is automatically selected if the active part has no shape geometry.  If geometry exists, this method creates a separate base shape.


This method adds material to the active part.


\ Remove
This method removes material from the active part.


\ Intersect
This method returns the intersection of material with the active part.


Review date: 2011-May-24
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