ZW3D CAD Tips ( Operations ——Make plenty of memory available for ZW3D)

\ZW3D performs memory checks and alerts you if you do not have enough memory or if you are running low on memory. The alert is made if you do not have at least 768 MB of total memory (physical+virtual) when starting ZW3D and if you have less than 128 MB of total memory available while running ZW3D.


If you see this alert, check to see if you have other applications running in the background and close them. This will avoid a possible system failure. ZW3D and your system performance in general will benefit when you make plenty of memory available.


There are now commands that promt you to free additional memory.



ERROR: Unable to allocate memory (27471312 bytes)


MESSAGE: Save your session or enter "$$free" to free memory


The message is displayed when ZW3D is unable to allocate memory from Windows.   It generally happens when the user is working with large models and ZW3D tries to do an operation that requires a lot of memory.   The ZW3D message suggests that the user save his session or run "$$free" from the command line to free up memory.  It won't always work, but is worth trying.   The user can also put more physical RAM in his machine and bump up the size of his swap space.


Review date: 2011-May-24
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