Applying Design Center


With improved DesignCenter in ZwCAD2008, you can


1, Browse for drawings, blocks, dimension styles, and other drawing content on your computer and a networked drive
2, View definition tables for named objects such as layers and dimension styles in any drawing file and then add the definitions into the current drawing
3, Locate and search the file used frequently via favorites, history or search tools.


Following are the detailed operation method. (type the “adcenter” command to start)


1, Find the “Folders” tab, the frame is the similar as the Windows Explorer. You can look for any file from the tree view first then browse for the contents of layers, blocks, line types, text styles and dimension styles in the right section. Except that, you can right – click a drawing and mark it as “Favorites” via the “Add to Favorites” option. It’s convenient if you use the file frequently, as you can locate them quickly through the “Favorites” tool after the settings.


2, Inside the “Open Drawings” tab, the relative contents with a file display in the right area. Take the “blocks” for example, if you want to copy one of the block definitions to the current drawing, right - click on the block and select the “Add Block” option. Then you would see the block had been added in the current file.


3, With the “Search” tool, you could find out the file to work via some settings, such as the size of a file. In addition, “History” tab displays a list of files opened previously with DesignCenter. Double-click a drawing file from the list to navigate to the drawing file in the tree view of the Folders tab and to load the content into the content area.\

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