How To Input The Special Symbol In ZWCAD


By Karl Lee

As an engineer, sometime I need to input the special symbol such as ‘α’, ‘β’ and ‘ω’ in the drawing when using ZWCAD, here are some helpful tips which I take. I hope they are helpful for you too.


1.  Generally I launch character map in ZWCAD to input the special symbol (Mtextà right clickàsymbolà other), but sometime we may not launch character map because the character map is not installed in the operation system. Please try to add the character map in you operation system through either of these two ways:

a)  Copy the “Charmap.exe” file from other computer to your computer, paste it into the folder ‘system 32’ (C:\WINDOWS\system32).
b)  Reinstall the ‘charmap.exe’ in the operation system.
Startà Control panel à Add or Remove Programs àAdd/Remove Windows Componentsà Accessories and Utilities à Details àAccessories àDetails à tick and choose ‘Character Map’àOK. If there is no ‘Accessories’ component in the list, please try to copy charmap.exe from Windows 98 CD or download from website.

2. But it is also available to input the special symbol without the help of charmap.exe. Please take either of the follow methods as a solution.

a)   Copy form the Microsoft office Word.
Open a Word file, insert a symbol in the word document (Insert àSymbol), then copy the symbol, and paste in ZWCAD (MTextàright clickàpaste)
b)   Input the special symbol from the keyboard.
Inputs MTEXT or MT in command line to start Multiline Text Editor dialog box, Specifies the corner opposite corners to create a rectangle that defines the size and location of display of multiline text, Specifies the style for the multiline text: Symbol. Then input form the keyboard, click OK to finish. You will find that each letter you type from keyboard come out to be a special symbol. Cause the text style ‘Symbol’ is a special font style. It contains mathematic formulary, Grecian letter, number, operator, set symbol and other

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