Make Use of Automatic Text Numbering Function in ZWCAD

By Johny Fuchs, an architect and CAD software user 


For some projects, it is important to place consecutive number markings in the drawings, especially in drawings of tunnels and pipes. For example, the figure below shows part of a drawing of an air conditioning system. This drawing has many pipes, and I have to label each one.





Of course, I could use the Text command. But when the drawing requires many markings, then it becomes a pain to use the Text command to place text over and over and over again. While using ZWCAD, however, I found a more convenient command that helps me to perform this task semi-automatically. I found the Automatic Text Numbering function under in the Express menu’s Text section.





To place a sequence of numbers in a drawing, follow these steps

1.Enter the Text command to place the first number.

2.With the Copy command, make copies of the number to the required positions in the drawing. In my case, I placed them along the pipes. (See figure below.) These numbers act as placeholders for the automatic numbering function.




3.From the Express menu, choose Text, and then choose Automatic Text Numbering (or just enter the TCount command). Select all the numbers, and then specify the starting value and the increment, such as 1,1. The first “1” refers to the starting value, while the second “1” refers to the increment. Finally, choose the “Overwrite” option so that the placeholder digits are replaced. The result is illustrated below.






When only odd or even numbers are needed, then change the increment to “2”, with the starting digit as 1 (odd) or 0 (even), such as (1,2) or (0,2). The number markers will change to odd numbers or even numbers, as shown below.





So this automatic numbering function makes it quick and easy to change a batch of separate numbers, which cannot be easily input at one time. I think you will find it very useful

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