Toolbars partially contain buttons that start commands. When you move your mouse or pointing device over a toolbar button, the tooltip displays the name of the button. Buttons with a small black triangle in the lower-right corner are flyout icons of related commands. Hold down the left button on your mouse over the small black triangle icon until the flyout toolbar is displayed.

     The Standard toolbar at the top of the drawing area is similar to those found in Microsoft® Office programs. Which contains commonly used ZWCAD commands such as COPY, PAN and ZOOM, as well as Microsoft Office standard commands such as New, Open, and Save.

ZWCAD initially displays several toolbars by default:

  •        Standard toolbar

  •        Styles toolbar

  •        Layers toolbar

  •        Properties toolbar

  •        Draw toolbar

  •        Modify toolbar

     You can display or hide these toolbars and additional ones. Use +CUSTOMIZE command, you can also create your own toolbars.

    You can move the floating command window anywhere on the screen and resize its width and height with the pointing device.Dock the command window by dragging it until it is over the top or bottom docking region of the ZWCAD window, but you can't change its size.

Displaying and hiding toolbars

     When you start ZWCAD the first time, multiple toolbars are displayed. ZWCAD provides more than a dozen toolbars, which you can customize by adding and deleting tools. You can also move and resize toolbars, and you can create new toolbars. You can use a shortcut menu to display or hide toolbars.

    You can also choose whether toolbars are displayed large or small and in color. You can choose to display or hide ToolTips, which provide descriptions of tools that display when you pause the cursor over them. Go to View > Toolbars to make these selections.

      Toolbars are either docked or floating. A floating toolbar has a title bar and a Close box, can be located anywhere on the screen, and can be resized. A docked toolbar does not display a title or Close box, cannot be resized, and is attached along one of the edges of the drawing window.

To choose which toolbars to display

  1. Choose View > Toolbars.

  2. In the Select Toolbars dialog box, choose the toolbars you want displayed, and then click OK.

TIP Right click anywhere on a docked toolbar to display the toolbar shortcut menu, and then choose Toolbars.

Starting commands using toolbars

To start a command from a toolbar, click a tool and respond to the prompts.

NOTE The available toolbars depend on the experience level that is set. To change the current experience level, choose Tools > Options, and then click the Open and Save tab.

Command Reference

CUSTOMIZE: Customizes toolbars, buttons, shortcut keys

System Variables

LOCKUI: Locks the position and size of toolbars or docked, floating windows.

TOOLTIPS: Controls the display of tooltips


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