Switch between Dialog Boxes and the Command line

    Some functions are both provided similarly though the command line and from a dialog box. In many cases, you can enter a hyphen in front of the command to suppress the dialog box and display prompts on the command line instead.

     For example, entering linetype on the command line displays the linetype Manager. Entering -linetype on the command line displays the equivalent command line options. There may be tiny differences between the options in the dialog box and those available on the command line.

The system variables below affect the display of dialog boxes as well:

  •         ATTDIA controls whether INSERT uses a dialog box for attribute value entry.

  •         EXPERT controls whether certain warning dialog boxes are displayed.

  •         FILEDIA controls the display of dialog boxes used with commands that read and write files. For example, if FILEDIA is set to 1, OPEN displays the Open Drawing As dialog box. If FILEDIA is set to 0, OPEN displays prompts on the command line. Even when you set FILEDIA to 0, you can get a file dialog box displayed through entering a tilde (~) at the first prompt.

Commands Reference


System Variables Reference

ATTDIA: Controls whether the INSERT command uses a dialog box for attribute value entry

CMDNAMES: Displays the names of the active and transparent commands

EXPERT: Controls whether certain prompts are issued

FILEDIA: Suppresses display of the file dialog boxes


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