Single-Line Text

     You can use TEXT command to create a single or multiline text. Each line text is an independent object which can be modified.

    Before typing text, you can specify the text style and the way to align at the prompt of creating text. The text style is applied to both of a single and multiline text objects. The justification way determined which part of text justify with an insert point.

      Characters created by MTEXT can be applied with independent text styles, but the single line text cannot do that.

      Press ENTER if you have typed some characters, and then the command line prompts to input characters for the next row of text. While creating single line text, you are also enabled to extend or compress certain single line text object in specified space to meet with your need by means of selecting Align or Fit option from the TEXT command line prompt.

To create text

  1.   Choose Draw> Text > Single Line Text.

  2.   Specify the start point for the text.

  3.   Specify the height of the text.

  4.   Specify the text rotation angle.

  5.   Type the text, and then press Enter at the end of each new line.

  6.   To complete the command, press Enter again.

Text toolbar\

Command line TEXT

TIP If you've already created text and want new text to appear immediately below the previous text, Choose Draw> Text > Single Line Text. When prompted for start point, press Enter. The new text will keep the same height and rotation angle as the previous text.

Align Single-Line Text

When you create text, you can set the text alignment before you specify the start point.

You set the alignment by choosing Justify in the command line prompt. By default, text is left justified.


      You can also align text so that it fits or aligns between two points. The Align option creates text that scales up or down while maintaining a constant height/width ratio; the Fit option expands or compresses the text to fit between the two points.



Text aligned between two points maintains a constant height/width ratio Text fit between two points expands or compresses to fit

To specify the line text alignment

  1. Choose Draw> Text > Single Line Text.

  2. On the command line, type J (Justify) and press ENTER.

  3. Type an alignment option. For example, enter br to align text at its bottom-center corner.

  4. Type the text, and then press Enter at the end of each new line.

  5. To complete the command, press Enter again.

Text toolbar \

Command line TEXT

Commands Reference

QTEXT: Controls the display and plotting of text and attribute objects

STYLE: Creates, modifies, or sets named text styles

TEXT: Creates a single-line text object

System Variables Reference

FONTALT: Specifies the alternate font to be used when the specified font file cannot be located

FONTMAP: Specifies the font mapping file to be used

MIRRTEXT: Controls how the MIRROR command reflects text

QTEXTMODE: Controls how text is displayed

TEXTEVAL: Controls the method of evaluation of text strings entered with the TEXT or -TEXT commands

TEXTFILL: Controls the filling of TrueType fonts while plotting and rendering

TEXTQLTY: Sets the resolution tessellation fineness of text outlines for TrueType fonts while plotting and rendering

TEXTSIZE: Sets the default height for new text objects drawn with the current text style

TEXTSTYLE: Sets the name of the current text style 

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