Multileader is usually composed of four part, arrowhead, leader, leader landing and content. Each multileader can contain more than one leader line, and each leader line can be composed of one or more segments. Leader content can be set to Mtext or block. That is, a note created by multileader can point to more than one part of the drawing.

      You can create an multileader by Arrowhead First or Content First. The Multileader Style Manager is also provided for style managing. you can create different styles of multileaders in the same view by setting multileader style.


Multileader Toolbar

    Functions of the buttons on multileader toolbar are described in the table below:


Icon Name Function Description
\ Myltileader Creates a multileader object.
\ Add Leader Adds leaders to the selected multileader object.
\ Remove Leader

Removes the leader from the multileader object.

\ Multileader Style Open "Multileader Style Manager ”dialog box, in which you create, modify or delet multileader style.


Create multileader

     Enter MLEADER command, according to prompt to create multileaders on any location in the drawing.

Steps for creating multileader with MText.

  1. Select [ Dimension → Multileader ].

  2. Specify leader arrowhead's location.

  3. Specify leader landing's location.

  4. Enter multitext in text box as a leader content, click "OK" button to complete the multileader creating.

Steps for creating multileader with Block.

  1. Select [ Dimension → Multileader ].

  2. Enter O (option) and set the multileader content type to block, then exit.

  3. Specify leader arrowhead's location.

  4. Specify the location of the multileader to finish drawing.

Multileader style

The leader type of the multileader can set to spline or straight.


The content of the multileader can set to MText or Block.


More details of multileader style settings, you can modify on Leader Format in Modify Multileader Style dialog


Multileader toolbar: \

Command line: MLEADER


Commands Reference

MLEADER: Create multileader.

MLEADERSTYLE: Create, modify or remove multileader style.

MLEADEREDIT: Add or remove leaders to multileader object.

System Variables Reference

CMLEADERSTYLE: Setup the current multileader style.



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