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ZWCAD Well Received at Build Expo of Istanbul 2011 in Turkey

May 19, 2011

Istanbul, Turkey, May 19, 2011 - ETI Bilgisayar Ltd., ZWCAD authorized distributor in Turkey, showcased ZWCAD 2011 at this year’s Build Expo of Istanbul, one of the largest expo in Turkey. During the five-day event on April 27th- May 1st, more than 1,500 visitors came to visit our booth. Among them, about 75% are CAD professionals, such as architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and technicians. Visitors were interested in ZWCAD’s similarity and compatibility with AutoCAD, and got hands-on experience with ZWCAD with the help of our technical engineers. ZWCAD’s price and performance advantages over other mainstream CAD software attracted quite a lot of visitors to make their purchasing decisions right at the expo. As one of the buyers said, “ZWCAD enables me to get my work done at a really good price. It’s the ideal software I’m looking for.”


ETI Bilgisayar Ltd. offered an exclusive discount of 25% with six months installment payment to the visitors, and also gave out attractive gifts, such as pens, T-shirts, multifunctional pocketknives, key chains, and over 1500 trial CD copies.


ETI Bilgisayar Ltd. also ran a drawing competition that attracted participants to finish drawing a shape using ZWCAD in 120 seconds. It was about learning, experiencing, and sharing with ZWCAD.










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