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2011-05-12 To 2011-05-12

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TotalCAD Argentina

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ZWCAD Solution Tours in Argentina Start from CPAU


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, May 28th – TotalCAD Argentina, ZWCAD Exclusive Distributor in Argentina, hosted a series of seminars featuring ZWCAD technical demos and trainings in five cities across the country. Starting from May 12th, TotalCAD held the very first seminar at CPAU. (Consejo Profesional de Arquitectura y Urbanismo). Over 40 people attendees, mainly from the AEC industry, came to the seminars. Among them, there were ZWCAD users who already purchased ZWCAD.


Owen Zi, Director of ZWSOFT’s Overseas Division was then on a business trip in Argentina, and also attended the seminar. His speech on ZWSOFT’s vision and the close cooperation with TotalCAD, Followed by an one-hour ZWCAD demo by MR. Miguel from TotalCAD and a 30 minute ZW3D introduction, was well received among the attendees. The product demo section intrigued the interests of the attendees, especially when they saw how easy it is to switch from AutoCAD to ZWCAD. As one of the attendees, who is also a ZWCAD customer, put it, “we bought ZWCAD because meets our expectations and requirements. It’s an affordable CAD solution. To me, it’s a perfect alternative to AutoCAD.”


For years, ZWSOFT has been dedicated to providing the cost-effective CAD solution to a wide range of users in Argentina. Because of its high cost performance and excellent customer service, ZWCAD is now getting more recognition in the market.

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