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Focus on cutting-edge CAx technologies and innovative research projects

About ZWSOFT Lab

ZWSOFT Lab is an incubator of cutting-edge technologies and innovative products. By establishing technical cooperations and building a mutually beneficial ecosystem, ZWSOFT Lab aims to provide all-in-one CAx solutions to help enterprises maximize productivity, improve project quality, and to advance the development of industrial software.

Research Topics

Industry trends, CAx (CAD/CAE/CAM) core technologies and how to better support large-scale construction projects

Research Project 1: Wukong Project

Developing a Next-Generation 3D CAD Platform

Build a software ecosystem by allowing porting and developing of industry-specific applications.

Strengthen the basic capability of the platform to support the smooth operation of applications for a wide range of industries such as manufacturing and construction.

Empower digital transformation by connecting every stage of the project.

With data sharing, it connects every stage of the project from concept to completion, eliminates the gap between virtual and reality, and helps enterprises maximize productivity and improve project quality.

Integrate BIM technology to accelerate construction.

Improve collaboration through the lifecycle of a project. Develop a BIM application to accelerate the construction of smart cities.

Own self-developed core technologies and a professional R&D team.

Owning self-developed core technologies and a professional R&D team, we can respond to various user needs and fulfill them faster.

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