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Wukong Project

Developing a Next-Generation 3D CAD Platform

About Wukong Project

The Wukong project is to develop a next-generation 3D CAD platform that fulfill the needs for design, manufacturing, and construction in large-scale industries, such as architecture, automotive, shipbuilding and aerospace. It aims to provide an all-in-one CAx solution that covers the entire project lifecycle. It is intended to help enterprises improve efficiency and project quality, reduce costs, and to accelerate digital transformation.

The Wukong project started in 2019, and by 2021, we had completed the development of the prototype. Currently, our team is preparing the first official version which is scheduled to be released by 2022.


We provide professional and reliable solutions consisting of a 3D CAD platform and industry-specific applications.


Platform Capability

It has strong compatibility with heterogeneous data and supports the development of multi-disciplinary applications.

Platform Extensibility

Rich APIs allow for efficient porting and developing of industry-specific applications.


Lightweight Representation

Each component of a large-scale assembly is loaded on demand.

Rendering Optimization

It offers smooth graphic representation by optimizing graphical data structure and rendering algorithms.


Relational Database Management for Assembly

Realize component-level data association to facilitate collaboration in large-scale assembly modeling.

Single Data Source

With access controls, all data is consistent, safe and trackable.

Unified Design Standards

All project partners work together in a unified environment to reduce miscommunication. All data is complete and consistent.


In addition to client/server deployment, it also provides cloud deployment so multiple users can access data simultaneously.

  • Platform

  • Lightweight

  • Collaborative

  • Cloud-based