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Start Using ZW3D Today!
ZW3D™ is Mid-range CAD CAM software for 3D modeling, mold design, and machining which brings customers endless benefits such as reduced costs, optimized design workflow and improved efficiency.
  • "ZW3D gives us all functionalities we need at a competitive price."
    --Atikom Prangsuwan, Senior Product Designer of FEC
  • "We've been using ZW3D for 10 years, with regular updates. Its hybrid technology is an eye-opener for us."
    -- Rob Vandewal, CTO director of Kupron
  • "ZW3D is easy to learn and use, providing students with a leg up when it comes to the real world."
    -- Shigeka Yoshimoto, professor at TUS
  • "ZW3D makes your imagination touchable, merges your ideas with hybrid technology and exposes the forms you want to create."
    --Rui Ferreira Job, CAD Department Director at Moldegama
Why ZW3D
  •   Reduce learning curve for beginners with office style UI.
  •   Exchange data with other mainstreams seamlessly, like, Catia, Solidworks, NX, Inventor, Creo, DWG, DXF etc.
  •   Streamline product development process from design to machining
  •   Simplify product design with flexible tools powered by Solid-surface hybrid modeling
  •   Offer 2-5X quick machining through an intelligent milling strategy
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