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10 “Secrets” You May Not Know in ZWCAD 2019 Official

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10 “Secrets” You May Not Know in ZWCAD 2019 Official

Corporate 2018-08-17 17:50:20
ZWCAD 2019 is here! Except for the new functions which have been mentioned earlier (have a review), there are 10 “secrets” you should know in ZWCAD 2019. Excited right? Let’s kick it off! 1. The “Synchronization” of Design Center and Tool Palettes You can now select your frequently-used blocks from the Design Center, and add them to the Tool Palettes by dragging and dropping, by which you can manage and choose the blocks you usually use conveniently in Tool Palettes. ZWCAD 2019 Official-12. Redefine Blocks Before, if you insert a block whose name is the same as one of the blocks in the Design Center, you will insert the one that already existed. Now you can redefine the block in the right-click menu and insert the newly created one. ZWCAD 2019 Official-23. Block Preview You are able to preview the blocks from DWG files in the Insert Block dialog box. ZWCAD 2019 Official-34. Highlight the Objects with Cursor over it When you put the cursor on an object in the process of a command, the object will be highlighted to ensure that you have correctly selected it. ZWCAD 2019 Official-45. Sum Up Hatched Areas You can sum up several independent hatched areas through entering the AREASUM command. ZWCAD 2019 Official-56. Change the Order of Layout Tabs Easily You can change the order of the Layout tabs by dragging and dropping, and copy the tab to the specified location by pressing Ctrl while dragging it, enabling you to manage their order easily. ZWCAD 2019 Official-67. Functions Added in File Tab Menu Functions including Save, Save As and Open Containing Folder are added to the right-click menu of File tab, which means that you can save or open the file simply by right-clicking its tab. ZWCAD 2019 Official-78. Group Objects in Properties If you define several objects, like three circles as a Group, they will be marked as a Group in the Properties menu as below, making it clear which objects are Groups. ZWCAD 2019 Official-89. Intelligent Prompt for Xref Files
  • Optional Prompt for Unresolved Reference Files
Usually, if there are Unresolved Reference Files in your drawings, a prompt reminding that the referenced files could not be located or read will appear, and instruct you to choose whether to update or ignore. However, some of you just don’t need the referenced files, and will be tired of choosing “Ignore” over and over again. ZWCAD 2019 Official-9 Now you can choose the option at the bottom of the prompt to always ignore the unresolved reference. Of course, if you want the prompt back, you can set it in Options. ZWCAD 2019 Official-10
  • Prompt for the Change of Xref Files
In the previous version, if you make some adjustments to the Xref Files, you will not receive any reminder and will probably forget the changes and get confused. Now a prompt will pop up to remind you of the changes, and you can reload the drawing by xref manager. ZWCAD 2019 Official-1110. More Organized Version Management Previously, all the annual and language versions were included in “ZWSOFT” in the start menu bar of Win 8 and Win 10, making it disordered and confused when you installed multiple versions. From ZWCAD 2019, every annual and language version is listed separately to help you manage them in a more organized way. ZWCAD 2019 Official-12 Moreover, Network License Managers (NLM) of 15 different languages are now integrated into one, which means that you can download the NLM you need simply by selecting between 32 bit and 64 bit. These little “secrets” demonstrated our focus on the improvements of very tiny details, just to bring you better user experience. Why not have a try on ZWCAD 2019, to experience them yourself.  

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