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2018 ZWCAD Regional Forums -- Talk to the World with More Open Gesture

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2018 ZWCAD Regional Forums -- Talk to the World with More Open Gesture

Corporate 2018-05-25 14:30:27
I don’t know whether you have discovered or not, the ZWCAD Regional Forums (held in Asia, Europe and America respectively) look different this year. Previously, these forums were intended for the insiders, that is, relevant ZWCAD staff and its regional partners around the world. You can also regard these forums as a series of internal business discussions to figure out how to better serve our worldwide users. [caption id="attachment_600" align="aligncenter" width="550"]2016 ZWCAD Regional Forums 2016 ZWCAD Regional Forums[/caption] But this year, something is different. By logging onto the register page, it is not difficult to find out that these forums have become a more open one -- not only local business partners are invited, but users and application developers as well. What’s more, the topics are not limited to the traditional ones such as the introduction of ZWCAD and its product roadmap, but also include more targeted issues for different parties. For example, users may experience the latest product values and learn relevant supporting policies and cases. Application developers may seek the opportunity to build on ZWCAD by probing deeper into how ZWCAD performs as a platform. I consider the above as very helpful to better understand the product and make wiser purchase or development decision. This change is meaningful for establishing a CAD ecosystem which functions better with all parties inside relating to each other more closely, and it is happy to see that ZWCAD is becoming more and more open-minded and motivated, to reach out to more CADers around the world.

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