3 Industry Leaders Who Adopt and Adore Network Licenses

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3 Industry Leaders Who Adopt and Adore Network Licenses

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3 Industry Leaders Who Adopt and Adore Network Licenses

Corporate 2020-10-28 14:06:00

Previously, I’ve briefed you on some facts about Named-User Subscription and Network Licensing. And you should have a good understanding of them by now. The question is: are people actually using Network Licenses at work? Well, keep on reading to know how 3 industry leaders like and apply them. (BTW, there is a surprise you won’t want to miss at the end!)

What are their differences?

  • Named-user Subscriptions: “1-to-1” license usage, which means that 1 license can only be used by 1 user, requiring companies to purchase licenses for all users, despite a lower frequency of use.
  • Network Licensing: “1-to-multiple” license usage, which allows multiple users to share a smaller number of licenses, for example, 10 licenses for 15 designers.

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Why should you consider Network Licensing?

  • The nodes in the server can be allocated flexibly, maximizing limited license resources while reducing costs.
  • Acquiring, borrowing, and returning licenses is easier than entering usernames and passwords.
  • Data security can be guaranteed by the possibility of using LAN. Also, offline activation is available.
  • IT managers can easily manage licenses with our NLAT (Network License Analysis Tool).

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What Your Peers Think of Network Licensing

Reuse of Licenses Has Increased to Reduce Costs

All Japan Data Service Co., Ltd. is a firm specializing in infrastructure inspection. Its mission is to provide comprehensive information through field surveys and data analysis. One of the reasons why they ditched their former CAD software for ZWCAD is that permanent ZWCAD licenses in the form of network licenses and dongles can be used in the office and on-site, respectively. Network licenses, in particular, helped them take full advantage of the licenses available. ZWCAD is a complete and stable solution that makes our inspection and design of facilities easier and more affordable than ever.

Figure 1. An AJDS technician detailing drawings of bridge inspection with ZWCAD

Figure 1. An AJDS technician detailing drawings of bridge inspection with ZWCAD

Flexible Licensing for An Ever-Expanding Company

Deltamarin Poland has been supporting the Deltamarin Group with design resources in large projects since 2008. As the company keeps expanding, they were taking on more and more professionals to better provide design and engineering services to ship owners, shipyards, etc. Thus, they needed a flexible licensing system at a competitive price to ensure easy access to the CAD software. Thanks to the ZWCAD network licenses, an increasing number of designers, engineers, and managers can share a more reasonable number of floating licenses, which can be assessed or borrowed easily from the server. We use ZWCAD to simplify design work and editing. Its wide range of functions and flexible licensing allow us to work comfortably. ZWCAD fulfills all our requirements for software in the marine field. The attractive price, functionality and flexible forms of licensing were all reasons for choosing ZWCAD.

Figure 2. Ship Design by Deltamarin Poland

Figure 2. Ship Design by Deltamarin Poland

A More Convenient Access to Licenses

Grupo Avintia is one of the main integrated companies in the world of construction solutions, infrastructures and services. According to Mr. Jesus Box, the IT Director of Avintia, ZWCAD has played an important role in their successful projects. When it comes to software licensing, network licensing did help us a lot. Our former provider offered the licensing model of 1 to 1, which was one license for one person. It was a very rigid, high-maintenance, and costly model. Fortunately, ZWCAD is here with the network licensing option, allowing us to allocate licenses much more flexibly. Our designers only need to activate the licenses with the server IP address or server name, and they can enable network floating licenses in about 5 minutes to use ZWCAD. I think this option provided by ZWSOFT is really user-friendly.

Figure 3. Mr. Jesus Box, IT Director of Avintia, giving a speech at ZWorld 2019

Figure 3. Mr. Jesus Box sharing the story with ZWCAD at ZWorld 2019

How You can Enjoy ZWCAD Network Licenses, for FREE

From August 18 to December 31, 2020, we offer 30-day FREE ZWCAD Network Licenses and FREE NLAT (a handy tool for easier license management) for you to experience the benefits of Network Licensing firsthand. If there are over 20 designers in your company, this is an excellent opportunity for you! Apply now and you will receive the offer via email within 48 working hours. Also, there will be one-on-one assistance to help you set things up!

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