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6 Hidden Amazements in ZWCAD 2019 SP2

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6 Hidden Amazements in ZWCAD 2019 SP2

Corporate 2019-02-15 15:25:34

Copy Multiple Objects as Array

You can now copy a group of objects as array with “Array”, the new branch command of COPY. That is to say, multiple objects can now be copied in an aligned way. ZWCAD_2019_SP2_1

Rectangular and Polygonal REVCLOUD

Before, you can draw cloud lines freely by branch command “F” of REVCLOUD or as arc by “A”, turn selected objects into cloud lines by “O”, and change their styles by “S”. Now more can be done – you can draw cloud lines in rectangles by “R”, and in polygons by “P”, making your annotations more flexible. ZWCAD_2019_SP2_2

View Objects in Different Ways Handily


ZWCAD 2019 SP1 (on the left) and ZWCAD 2019 SP2 (on the right)

More new options such as 3DOrbit and Zoom Window/Original/Extents have been added to the right-click menu of PAN and ZOOM, which means that you can view objects in different ways more handily.

Etransmit Drawings with .pc5 Files: No Repeated Plotter Setting

ZWCAD Plotter Configuration Files (.pc5 files), which record all your plotter settings, can now be etransmitted together with the drawings, preventing you from resetting the plotter configuration over and over again. ZWCAD_2019_SP2_4

Filter Layers Conveniently

Previously, if you want to add specific layers to different groups, you need to right-click the layers and add them to relevant Group Filters in Layer Properties Manager. Now, layers can be dragged from the list to Group Filters directly, enabling you to manage and filter layers more quickly and conveniently. ZWCAD_2019_SP2_5

Drag one or multiple layers to Group Filter2 directly.


Layers in Group Filter2.

Efficient Annotation for 3D Objects

In former versions, if you want to make annotations for 3D objects, for example, use DIMLINEAR to annotate the length of a line of a box, you need to select two end points of the line. But now, with the branch command “select entity”, you just need to select the line, then the length of the line will be annotated right away, making your annotations for 3D objects more efficient. ZWCAD_2019_SP2_7 Moreover, Properties panel, Trim/Extend commands, the displaying and editing of text, the plotting of raster images, etc. have also been optimized. Experience and discover more amazements yourself!

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